Monday, February 9, 2015

Meet & Greet (#MtaGt) - February - My Green Nook

Welcome to Meet & Greet, a regular series designed to grow our green community.

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For 2015, Meet & Greet will operate a bit differently than previous years. This year, I'll be featuring blogs which I find via my Internet travels or blogs which you recommend via the link-up widget below. Please visit the Meet & Greet Page for all the details.

I have a wonderful blog, and blogger, to introduce you to this month. Let's get started ...

Meet & Greet Featured Blog, My Green Nook

Please meet Charlotte, the author of
My Green Nook.

One of the first things that I noticed about this blog is the tag line: a relaxed place for all senses. That sets the tone for this interesting blog. Each post is well written and does seem to convey a calmness ... a sense of quiet appreciation for everything.

So what kind of articles will you find?

If you like Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects, you'll find a bunch of them here. My personal favorite is one on DIY Natural Body Care. Charlotte shares recipes for things like deodorant and discusses the effectiveness of homemade products.

Gardeners will love her post on frogs. It talks about creating a healthy garden habitat for these fabulous creatures as well as other visitors to your yard.

Some of my favorite posts fall under the category "Well-being". They are profound and personal, as though a friend were sharing her heart with us. They encourage readers to take an honest look at themselves and their lives and decide on what's important. By sharing her own introspection, Charlotte gives readers the tools necessary to make positive changes.

All of the posts support an earth-friendly life.

One note ... some posts are in Swedish. They are easily translated and I encourage you to do so. I use Google Translate (

My Green Nook is well-worth your time. It is engaging, personable, and relaxed. I hope you'll hop over and visit Charlotte!

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