Monday, February 16, 2015

Review - "Natural Homemade Pest Repellents" by Kate Wiler

Have you ever been stung by a wasp?

I have and it's not fun. In fact, it hurts ... a lot ... for a long time!

When wasps took up residence in a bird house that I had hanging on the patio, I started investigating ways to get them away from us. Every solution destroyed them.

Here's the thing ... the methods used to destroy pests in our homes and/or gardens also, typically, destroy beneficial insects.

I also tend to believe that all creatures have their purpose and if it's at all possible, I'd like to repel pests rather than kill them. So I was thrilled when I was invited to read Natural Homemade Pest Repellents by Kate Wiler.


Kate shares my philosophy and looks for ways to discourage pests from "bugging" us rather than using toxic chemicals to kill them.

Natural Homemade Pest Repellents starts out with some basic advice. Since all creatures want food, water, and shelter, it's important to make sure that your dwelling isn't attractive to pests. So, Kate suggests some general home and garden maintenance to get started.

The next section talks about natural repellents. You might be surprised to learn that many of the things you have in your kitchen like herbs, garlic, and even vanilla extract can be used to ward off nasty insects. In the garden, there are a variety of flowers which will discourage pests from destroying your fruits and veggies. Kate offers recipes and instructions.

The remaining chapters talk specifically about common pests. Chapters are devoted to such critters as ants, fleas, mice, and yep ... wasps. There's a lot of information in these chapters. For example, did you know that spiders hate the taste of citrus oil? Or that Aloe Vera repels termites?

My Thoughts

I usually don't like reference ebooks. In truth, it seems much easier to reach for a book on my shelf rather than scroll through the pages of an ebook. I expected to find Natural Homemade Pest Repellents difficult and cumbersome. I was wrong!! This is a handy reference guide. Using the table of contents, readers will find it easy to navigate to areas of concern and find real solutions to pest problems.

Natural Homemade Pest Repellents sets a high bar for ereader reference books.

One concept, which I particularly love about this book, is the idea that some of what we consider pests are actually beneficial insects and animals. When we kill them, we jeopardize the diversity of life on earth. While the book does offer ways to kill certain pests, it always considers ways to repel them as a first line of defense.

Would I recommend this book?

Absolutely!! It is well written and organized, easy to use as a reference guide, and offers non-toxic, earth-friendly ways to deter unwanted guests to both our home and garden.

Finally ...

Remember those wasps that I mentioned at the beginning of this post? Well, I learned something interesting about them. For almost every insect species, there is at least one wasp species that preys upon it which makes wasps an important way to control insect populations. Killing them isn't a good idea ... repelling them is!

If you'd like to pick up your own Kindle version of Natural Homemade Pest Repellents or any of Kate Wiler's Eco-friendly books, please click HERE. And if you don't have a Kindle, no problem ... download the FREE Kindle app which allows users to read books on their smartphones, tablets, and computers.

I received a copy of "Natural Homemade Pest Repellents" in order to write this review. I received no other compensation. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and reflect my honest opinion of the material reviewed.