Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Special Thursday Post ...

Hi everyone!

Typically I don't post on Thursdays but ... I have something to share with you. My "significant other" and best friend, Art Ist from One A Day, sent me this video. It's really interesting and will further our resolve to give up plastic bags. I hope you enjoy it!

Tomorrow we start a new challenge ... I think you'll find it most interesting! "See" you then!


  1. This is a good docu video SFprints. So much hard facts in it. Breaks my heart to see the turtle and the dead birds after ingesting cigarette lighters. OMG.
    We all must say NO to plastics and start thinking recycle, recycle, recycle,

  2. Agreed! I'm making a big, big effort to recycle everything I can in some way

  3. I was going to go to the beach today to do my first beach clean up of the year. I will take pictures of all the stuff I find.
    I am now on another mission oh the smoke is rolling from my ears.

  4. Great post and video. What is the legacy we are leaving our descendants?

    Read a recent post on the 'Green Planet' about plastic shopping bags.