Thursday, June 25, 2009

Change The World Wednesday

What is Local??

Some of you have asked the definition of "Local" in this week's challenge. It's a good question and there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer. Some say it's the food you can get in your region of the country ... NE, SW, NW, etc. Others are comfortable with foods that can be driven to your location within 8 hours. Local foods can also be defined as foods within the state, county or city borders. The most common definition I've come across is food which is grown/produced within 100 miles.

My personal choice is the 100 mile rule ... that seems reasonable and doable. Naturally, the tighter we can make the circle, the better it is for the planet. And remember ... these challenges are all about awareness and trying something new ... to take ourselves out of our comfort zone and ... well ... challenge ourselves.

So ... let's say ... for the purposes of this challenge ... we use the 100 mile rule. If that doesn't work for you, expand the circle a bit. But again ... go for the tightest circle you can achieve.

Okay ... if you've just arrived here and haven't read this week's challenge, you can scroll down to Wednesday's post or click on the picture within this post.

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