Monday, October 26, 2009

A quick Monday tip ...

Yesterday we visited the recycling center. As I was tossing items into the "Mixed Paper" bin I noticed magazines ... lots of magazines ... magazines in great shape ... magazines on fitness, the home and cars. And I thought ... even though they are being recycled, what a waste that they were being taken out of circulation when they are in such good condition.

So, today's tip is quick and easy:

If you buy magazines (or books for that matter), pass them on to another before sending them to the recycle bin. And ask the lucky recipient to do the same.

Easy, right?

Yes, reading magazines and books online is more Eco-friendly than buying them but ... sometimes there's nothing better than settling in with a good "read" and relaxing.

As always ... I would love to hear from you!


  1. What's a bit sad over here is it's hard to give your magasines away. I tried to give books to my local library (had gone through them to make sure they were all clean and stainless etc) but they told me they had too many kids books already. It appears that, sadly, we all just have too much!
    On that note - Often retirement homes and hospitals also like to receive magasines in good shape! Even dentist waiting rooms etc

  2. Excellent tip! I do not throw magazines away. When I am finished reading them, I bring them to my hairdressers for customers to read. Good places to bring them, are nursing homes,doctors office,dentist office, schools, (they use them for craft projects), etc.

  3. Agreed. Nothing better than a 'real' book or magazine. Good idea to pass them on.

  4. Because we are down at Princess Margaret Hospital so frequently and because we noticed many of their magazines are years old, Linda has been taking down some of the magazines we've already read and is leaving them in the various waiting rooms.

    It is fun to come back the next week and see people enjoying your old magazines.

  5. I found this amazing place.
    It's called the library, When I had money it was just a place to dump my old books and magazines.
    Now that I'm broke I found out you can read the books and magazines that other people are done with.
    It lets me keep reading like I did before I became broke.
    Oh, and it's better for the environment.

  6. Old Magazines are always welcomed in schools for children to do research and cut out.

    Today, a parents brought some old magazines which the teachers enjoy reading.

    Please do not junk your magazines. They have more than 9 lives.

  7. that is actually a very plausible and simple solution :-)

  8. Totally agree with this one - My mother gives me her Sunday magazine; the one that comes with the paper for me to read and I pass on a subscription to a friend. There's nothing so great (imo) than getting a stash of magazines from someone, so it's great to pass on the love ...

  9. Love the Eco -friendly tips you share with us.
    I do that with my magazines.
    Have a great day!

    hugs hugs